Robert Ellsworth sell decorative hardware, decorative plumbing and all things decorative for the kitchen and bath. We entered the luxury market in the mid 1980’s before it was defined. We serendipitously fell into a pool of artists and risk takers who were taking mundane items from the home and reinventing them into fashionable iconic, luxury items. They changed the look of the American home from door hardware, decorative faucets, to shower systems, even simple kitchen sinks. Everything was redefined into a design culture that refigured the kitchen and bath industry. The artists and risk takers reinvented specialty by products from an old school industry and catapulted our industry into national prominence. We were fortunate to meet and work with the craftsman that invented, pioneered and designed just about everything you see in the renowned design magazines such as Architectural Digest, Interiors, Veranda and many more.

We started showing up at the industry trade shows in the mid 1980's looking to work with the artists. There was absolutely no one in line to help these risk takers sell $600 faucets when the average price of a faucet was $100. They could not believe we wanted to work with them. We were equally excited about working outside the norm with such gifted talent. Our only criteria for partnership was design leadership and quality, which subsequently meant smaller companies that were family owned. We feel innovation is more inherent in a family-owned company. They tend to be smaller, artisan oriented and can quickly make unilateral decisions to move you downfield in a competitive arena.

The decorative hardware and plumbing industry today has become more iconic. It is a place where international architects and designers influence design. The manufacturers have national television exposure, not to mention the flood of TV stars we have invented on home improvement. The industry’s national event, KBIS, is now covered by both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times with news at eleven on HGTV.

This is where we have been, in an industry that grew before our eyes and beyond our wildest dreams. We have sometimes just survived but oftentimes flourished because we always looked so far ahead in design and just wanted to be fashion forward with the artists and risk takers.

Fast Forward

We saw a new opportunity in cooking. We saw a future in the new revolution of farm to fork, food co-ops, vegetarianism, healthier meals, and cooking for fun. We have investigated the industry and kept to our basic philosophy of design, quality, and family owned companies. We focused on two groups of artisans; manufacturers that make appliances for restaurants and people who really know, love, and live cooking, the Europeans.

Our first group of products are from Italy. Our partners in this project have been in the American appliance industry for 30 years and saw a niche for bringing handmade Italian ranges, ovens, and cooktops to America. The philosophy is about bringing cooking to life with artisans that work with the European cooking consumer, where the meal is still the center of the culture. The appliance is an integral part of home cooking and culture while performance is not about price or name brand. We subsequently have partnered with German companies driven by engineering. They manufacture ovens that run clean, making the costly, often damaging self-cleaning option, obsolete. Their design is sleek and transitional.

Our second group is professional restaurant equipment manufacturers. We pursued the artisans that design and make products for chefs nationwide. That was a niche that was underrepresented in leadership.

There is a flood of name brand manufactures that have cocooned themselves in stainless steel that look commercial and have never seen the inside of a professional restaurant. A branded chef may endorse them; they are certainly not commercially rated.

We are bringing commercial ranges to the home and taming their design to work residentially. Real chefs use our products in restaurants all over the world. This is what they drive. No endorsement deals, no paid advertising.

Our philosophy is cooking. Our philosophy is the kitchen. Our philosophy is new trends in cooking with companies that are all 50 years old that you never heard of, but will. These are luxury leaders for a mass premium market.

Come to our showroom. Drive the product. We educate and give options.